Hypnosis is a natural, familiar state we go into many times each day. For instance, sometimes we go into this state when we’re driving, watching TV, listing to music , reading a good book, or working on a project that we’re passionate about. During hypnosis clients are conscious, awake, participating, and remembering.

Hypnotherapy is the practise of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. During hypnotherapy people go through a process that induces this trance-like state, it helps them to focus their minds, and become deeply relaxed.

It is a state from which we can make extremely powerful changes in your life because it is the state in which you are the most receptive, creative, and intuitive. The hypnotic state makes you better able to respond to positive suggestions, from your therapist, without resistance.

Hypnosis is a genuine therapeutic tool, and many therapists find hypnotherapy to be more efficient than traditional therapy techniques. It can have powerful and effective outcomes for a wide range of conditions.

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