“Your wellness is an investment, not a cost”


Initial consultation

$220 (1.5 hr duration)
In this session we will discuss your issue extensively, along with your goals, and begin to break through subconscious blocks.


Follow-up sessions

$185 (1 hr duration)
For any subsequent sessions or you may prefer to purchase a package of sessions at a reduced price. These sessions allow either further exploration of any subconscious blocks or reinforcement of previous sessions, creating new thought patterns and behaviour.


3 Session Package – $565


1 x 90 min session + 2 x 60 min sessions

Audios and self-help tools

WhatsApp support

Specialised Programs



6 x 90 min sessions

6 x audios and self-help tools

WhatsApp support

During the program expect to:-

  • Significantly reduce symptoms of IBS.
  • See improvement from the first session.
  • Learn tools to manage symptoms yourself.
  • Gain long term relief from IBS flareups.

Our sessions will reduce your IBS symptoms and get you back out there enjoying life again.

You will learn the skills that you can use on your own so that you feel a sense of control.

Our sessions will include:-

  • Visualisation of the desired outcome when you are free of symptoms.
  • Processing of any worries or fears that may be contributing to the IBS.
  • Emotional release.
  • Visualisation and suggestions to decrease gut sensitivity and to increase wellbeing.
  • Understanding how your mind and body are linked as one whole system.
  • Learn self-hypnosis techniques.
  • Learn anxiety reduction techniques.
  • Audio recordings to listen to between sessions.


6 x 90 min sessions

6 x audios and self-help tools

WhatsApp support

Hypnotherapy is exceptionally effective for treating PTSD and trauma.  Trauma is stored as an unconscious process and hypnosis can alter these processes so that the mind can learn more healthy ways of coping.


This program is tailored to your specific needs and includes:

1 x 90 min sessions + 7 x 60 min sessions

8 x audios and self-help tools

WhatsApp support

  • Detailed history and analysis of eating issues, triggers and goals.
  • Hypnosis to break through subconscious blocks and sabotaging patterns.
  • Behaviour modifying techniques and root cause hypnotherapy, as required.
  • Reinforcement session and tools given to further cement eating habits for lasting change.
  • Support resources and recordings to use at home between sessions.

* Sessions are spaced accordingly depending on progress, needs and the level of support required.

* 3 session packages must be used within 3 months from your first session.

* All other programs must be used within 6 months from your first session.

* Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee specific results. Results may vary from person to person.

* Appointments are available in person in Brisbane or online via Zoom.